What You Don’t Know About Heavy Metal


In the late 60s of the 20th century in the global music scene would appear an unconventional genre of music that would be called heavy metal. The name of this genre speaks by itself, it is a heavy music that features strong rhythm, the sound of electric guitar it is altered and would be very easy for anyone to detect it. The singer who sings has also a very low voice which in the music language it is called bass. This genre of music has since the days of creation has taken many divisions, which means out of this have been created many subgenres of heavy metal initial appearance.

As we made a point above, heavy metal music has many subgenres. Many of those are not well known and many people do not know those, and of course from those there are names that have made a rise during the years. One of those is called industrial metal and the best band of this genre is called Rammstein. But, others such as Progressive Metal, Nu Metal, Metalcore and the traditional one have dominated and have remained in the first place for several years.

In the early years of heavy metal music development, one of the bands that dominated  this genre was Iron Maiden. This was a six-member group, one singer, two guitars and bass player, one drum and the last was a keyboard. Their songs were characterized by a beautiful melody, speed in performance, and of course sometimes expressed sorrow. In their concerts, they created a very great atmosphere and the crowds were brought in a state of fun by their heavy metal music.

They dressed in very strange way, was never seen before, it was an unconventional way what they were doing. The colors of a heavy metal dress were mainly black, strong colors that created a sense of fear. The shapes of what they were had sometimes geometric and round. The fans of this music genre immediately loved this way and it became a part of this people’s life and still remaining very popular to this day.

The traditional heavy metal music has been outranked by new subgenres of this division, some of those subgenres are Nu Metal and Industrial Metal. The bands that play and have taken this place are mainly created in the 21st century. They have produced new sounds which are very modern and trendy. This bands have also more than five music players and do have new music instruments which give a different kind of style. The industrial heavy metal bands, on the other hand, do use electronic instruments which makes the music sound lighter and why not, more desirable to hear.

In the year 2016, heavy metal music and its subgenres are not very popular compared to pop music which holds the first place now, even though all its power and the large crowd’s fans. This genre is still among the best music genres around the world and is something true and will continually to be.